As of December 2018, the
City of Chicago requirements for participating in and hosting pop-up events around the city has changed and will be enforced.

Know the law. 


Our Conversations Matter.

Chicago's Black Business Radio Network (CBBRN) announces a new segment called Our Conversations Matter.

This show segment is not about debate. It is about listening and learning. It was created because we believe that we can even learn from those that we do not agree with, if we listen. “Our Conversations Matter” is about providing a platform for you to have a voice and for others to find their voices. Not just my prospective or your prospective, but our prospective on issues that affect the Black community around the globe.

Creating Opportunity for Communities of Color Through Entrepreneurship (SSIR): Supporting and strengthening small business owners can help increase economic opportunity in communities of color, building family and community wealth.

Need a Virtual Assistant?

Have you tried to go it alone and still feel overwhelmed?

Find out how you can afford a Virtual Assistant, even if you're a one-person operation.


Put Your Social Media On Automatic. For #FREE.

Learn how to post all your social media messages for the whole week and walk away. 

This program shows you how to do just that at no cost to you. Save time and money.


The Judged By Our Words 2020 Project.

We invite authors from around the world to be part of this project.

We will publish one hundred of the 200 WORD short-short stories in paperback format. ( And, we will promote the publication through our multiple social media platforms.

Each author submission that is accepted for inclusion will be given a page for their 200 WORD short-short story along with a 100-WORD bio and image. (You will have your very own page.)

Click here to learn more...

HEMP! HEMP! Illinois!

Or how America is going to make billions upon billions of dollars by growing hemp and cannabis.

According to Andy Huston, founder of American Hemp Research, hemp will be more profitable than corn or soybeans.

Stake your claim to a piece of Illinois farmland and jump on the bandwagon before it takes off without you. Click here to get your hemp license.

Chicago's Black Business Network

Honor or millions? You decide.

In a recent
Essence Magazine article Biggie's son is investing in the cannabis business.

Now, I'm not the one to say that he does not want to honor his daddy. (I wouldn't know Biggie from Little Wayne.) Anyway, what could be wrong with honoring someone and making millions of dollars in the process. Right?  READ MORE…


Loosing $200 million is enough to make you cry, isn't it?

But what do you do after that? FIND OUT...


Understanding what keywords to use is more important than  knowing that you must at all times keep your content filled with relevant keywords to been found in Google searches.

Top level keywords are the ticket in enhancing
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Technology Changes EVERYTHING!

Here are 25 unique ways to charge your phone while on the go, at other folk's home, in the museums, behind trees, while visiting friends in jail, etc. CLICK HERE TO PLUG IN...

Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Development

This Department oversees nearly 10,000 grants each year, manages various economic, community and workforce development programs and services. FIND OUT MORE...