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Chicago's Black Business Network

CBBN, as a leading social media management and training organization, excels in optimizing and strategizing your social media accounts for maximum impact. Our comprehensive services include managing all your social media accounts, ensuring consistent engagement and visibility across platforms.

Furthermore, we offer lucrative commercial ad exposure opportunities tailored to elevate your business's visibility and reach. Through our strategic partnerships, we guarantee placement in local and global news outlets, amplifying your brand's presence on a worldwide scale.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on broadcasting your unique business vision to audiences around the world, ensuring your message resonates with global stakeholders and consumers alike.

Since 2008, Chicago's Black Business Network has played a pivotal role in nurturing startups and small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the local and global markets.

Our Social Business Media Platform serves as a hub for business owners, authors, entertainers, artists, non-profits, and other innovators to collaborate, exhibit, and promote their products, services, and visions worldwide.

CBBN Affordable Marketing Solutions, a division of Chicago's Black Business Network, serves as the social media arm of the organization. We offer a diverse range of promotional and marketing tools tailored specifically for SMBs.

In 2009, we launched Chicago's Black Business RADIO Network, providing valuable information and community outreach opportunities. Whether you seek to promote your business or become a show host, this platform offers a powerful avenue for exposure.

Join us as we, in 2024, roll out our newest service, Shopping Black Chicago Business Directory designed to support local business owners.

These enhancements provide essential exposure, bridging the gap from local to global markets, enabling business owners to elevate their visions to unprecedented levels of success.